Campus Tours

Blanc Artists Campus Tour
by Karen Flores, BLANC curator
November 21, 2011, Asia Pacific College-Sonja Van Kerkhoff and Sen McGlinn presented  artists’ talks  with Mark Salvatus, and workshopped five student project proposals for their culminating projects for multimedia arts.  I had the 5 interns working with us do 5-minute presentations of their projects for implementation next term. to which Sonja and Sen asked questions and gave valuable advice on improving their installation ideas based on the premises and objectives stated. We will be seeing these and other projects done within  APC student exhibitions by April/May 2012.
Students and faculty of APC’s School of Multimedia Arts were also able to benefit from the exchange based on the further discussions it has generated. From this exercise I could see that the November 21 talks at APC had a dynamic and lasting effect on the school body.  I’m very glad for it, and I hope this could be part of our review of the whole NTD process.

UP Art Studies Students Interact with Motohide Taguchi

November 24, 2011, Vargas Museum- Motohide Taguchi, participating artist at Yuchengco Museum went to the University of the Philippines Vargas Museum, another NTD venue, to compose and play music with students of the University of the Philippines Department of Art Studies. Using materials from ordinary life (non-musical instruments but with distinct sounds), the group of around 20 students interacted with a piece from Motohide’s sound installation at Yuchengco Museum, which featured ambient sounds (rooster crowing, burning leaves, vehicles, children playing) and voices of Overseas Filipino Workers he interviewed in Japan. The contributions of the workshoppers were:

a) voice: one work which has relation with relatives and friends who are in another country (“Christmas,” “Miss,” and “Homesick”);

b) one ambient sound from the tape, imitated through materials they brought; and

c) one sound from the hometown, which carries memories or connections to the friend or relative abroad, also imitated through the “instruments”

For an excerpt, please log on to:


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