Artists: All venues


October 18-November 12

Curator: Karen Flores

Sonia Barrett (Germany)/installation

Jean Marie Casbarian (USA)/video installation

Cella+Knoll (USA/Austria)/photographs

Chad Erpelding (USA)/photographs

Estan Cabigas (Philippines)/photos

Eva Petric (Austria)/installation

Frances Manzanero (Philippines)/installation

Kawayan de Guia (Philippines)/photo and film

Josephine Turalba (Philippines)/installation

Livia Daza-Paris (Canada/Venezuela) /video

Lizelle Ortigas (Philippines)/painting

Lizza May David (Germany)/photos 

Renee Kildow (USA)/Photography

Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn (Netherlands/New Zealand)/installation

Jeff Carnay

Leeroy New

Noel Soler Cuizon

Mark Salvatus

University of the Philippines Vargas Museum

(18 November – January 2012)

Curator: Leo Abaya

Magda Biernat (USA/Poland)/video installation

Martin Sims (Australia)/installation

Karen Marshall (USA) /installation

Joo Yeon Woo (Korea/USA)/photo and video

EG Crichton (USA)/installation-collaboration

Alwin Reamillo (Philippines/Australia)/Installation- Vargas

Angelika Rinnhofer (USA)/Installation

Bong Ramilo + Christina Quisumbing Ramilo (Philippines/Australia)/Installation

Phyllis Evans, David Freeman, Leila Hernandez (USA)/sculpture, photos

Danielle Adair (USA)

Yuchengco Museum

18 November-29 January 2010

Curator: Claro Ramirez, Jr.

Dada Docot (Philippines/Canada) /documentary film

Ding Ren  (The Netherlands/USA/China)/video installation

Dana Cojbuc (France/Romania)/photos

Alma Quinto (Philippines) House of Comfort Art Project  /Installation-workshop/training-workshop

Hillerbrand+Magsamen (USA)/video

Khaled Hafez (Egypt) /video

Mateo Amaral (Argentina)/video

Minou Norouzi (Austria)/video

Motohide Taguchi (Japan)/sound installation and performance

Nerea Martinez de Lecea (UK)/video

Quint Welters (USA) /film and photo

Ruth Shreiber (Israel) /video

Sebastian Mahaluf (Chile) /installation

Sol Kjok (Norway/USA)/painting

Thomas Kutschker (Germany) /video


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