Nothing to Declare



(Manila, Philippines 2011)

Nothing to Declare is an independent initiative by an artist, an art administrator and a University of the Philippines art studies professor. The project is multi-pronged, involving an International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Manila, Philippines from 25 October to 25 November 2011 with the possibility of traveling the exhibition to select countries in 2012 and 2013. Nothing to Declare will host a roster of international and local artists.  We will also organize teachers’ training workshops, essay writing contests, artist talks and group discussions as satellite activities to the program.

In brief, Nothing to Declare revolves around the following interrelated themes:

  1. Shifting geographies emerging from diasporas, migrations, overseas work
  2. Shifting identities arising from movement, mobility, displacement, exchange; implying a sense of rooted-ness and slippage, identification and estrangement, familiarity and alienation, entitlement and distance
  3. Shifting spaces, connoting not just physical relocation, but mental and spiritual dis/position, as well as dislocations, gaps and silences that take place in immediate, virtual and hyper-realities
  4. Shifting positions, implying an appreciation of difference and a willingness to dialogue, work together, listen and engage.
  5. Shifting power relations, connoting multiple flows and streams of choices, constraints, control and conditions of creation, dissemination and reception
  6. Shifting possibilities, connoting transformations and breaking grounds where marginality – of having nothing to declare – IS source of intervention and strength, of loss as well as triumphs

To participate in Nothing to Declare, please send us a proposal of, (preferably recent) artwork you would like to show OR a proposal for new work you will make and would like to exhibit.  Include medium resolution (75-100 dpi) photographs or drawings to illustrate your proposal including installation requirements, size of the artwork, medium, etc.

Email proposals and inquiries to by the deadline on 30 September 2010 (extended from 30 August).

For video works, please limit works to only single channel, and since video projection on screens are limited to availability, please allow works that can be displayed on LCD and/or on screen.

For photography, works should be printed on paper or aluminum without frames or mounted on foam board.

Aside from visual artists working solo, we also encourage collaborative, interactive and multi-disciplinary works involving various art disciplines (music, dance, architecture, advertising, cinema, weaving, pottery, digital imaging, literary arts, etc) and the social and natural sciences. A sound artist could for instance, work with engineers and physicists, among other exciting possibilities.

We also welcome proposals from all age groups, gender, race, class, including students, self-taught artists, etcetera.

Selected proponents will be invited to come to Manila.  Traveling expenses costs for shipping and insurance of the artworks and minor living expenses will be borne by the artists. We will host some accommodations and meals from 22 October to 7 November 2011.

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